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Plumbing projects can seem daunting to many homeowners in Leicester and when done incorrectly, they can be messy and disastrous to your property. In addition, poorly performed plumbing repairs can be expensive.

 You may end up spending even more money on a plumber who has to fix your mistakes in addition to repairing the initial problem.

Most homeowners are capable of fixing a simple leaking tap, toilet or bath, at least enough to prevent further damage until a plumber arrives. Early detection is the key to help identify small leaks before they become big problems.

There are several minor plumbing projects that a knowedgable and competent do-it-yourselfer can tackle, including:

* Hoses and shower heads. Replacing showerheads and washing machine hoses isn’t difficult, but make sure you know which replacement parts to buy before getting started.

For a major installation, such as a Gas Boiler, Kitchen or Bathroom Installation call a plumber in Leicester, don’t try it yourself. It’s an expensive project, but once it’s in place, it should last for 15 to 20 years, so it’s worth having it done by a professional and insome cases this is a legal requirement. Gas Work is illegal if it not been carried out a Gas Safe registered engineer. It's also illegal for gas work to be done by someone else that is registered but is working outside the scope of their qualifications.

Finally please remember small leaks can turn into big problems, so once you have identified and temporarily contained a leak, call a plumber in Leicester to have the leak evaluated and fixed. 

Tap Fitting &  Tap Repair

Tap Fitting &
Tap Repair

We fix leaking taps and install new modern taps

Toilet & Bath  Fitting and Repairs

Toilet & Bath
Fitting and Repairs

Fixing leaking toilets or installing a new ones

Complete Bathroom Fitting

Complete Bathroom Fitting

We offer full installation of bathrooms and kitchens to your specification

Complete Kitchen Fitting

Complete Kitchen Fitting

We offer full installation of bathrooms and kitchens to your specification

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